At Lindsay Drug we have two and four wheeled walkers and standard folding walkers.

Side Walkers - used like a cane; provide more stability than quad canes but less stability than that of a walker

Standard Walkers - used to assist patients that are still able to lift a walker to step but just need something to lean on or hold onto as they walk. Standard walkers are available in heavy duty.

2-Wheeled Walkers - Used to assist patients who are unable to or should not lift the walker to use it. Two wheeled walkers include wheels which are generally placed on the front of the walker, with glides or tennis balls on the base of the back legs. Four wheeled walkers must be equipped with brakes for safety reasons. Two wheeled walkers are also available in heavy duty.

4-Wheeled Walkers - used to assist patients if they become winded and they need to rest. These walkers offer a comfortable seat and lock brakes that keep the four wheels from shifting as the patient sits. Four wheeled walkers are also available in a heavy duty style for larger patients.

Lindsay Drug Company also has accessories such as baskets, trays, glides, skis, replacement wheels, and hand grips!! Call if you have any Questions!!!