Pharmacy Services

At Lindsay Drug Company we offer many different services for our customers.

We offer frequent Blood Pressure checks and a Blood Pressure Club is available to our patients as well. The Blood Pressure Club includes unlimited blood pressure checks per month available Monday thru Friday from 9 am – 3 pm or by appointment.

Checking your blood pressure on a regular basis helps you control your pressure and lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Along with our Blood Pressure checks we also have Blood Pressure Monitor Training. We will teach you the steps to using your blood pressure machine correctly so that you will get an accurate reading every time you use it.

We also provide Blood Glucose Meter Training. We will teach you the different methods and steps to using your personal meter efficiently. Checking your blood sugar helps you to manage your diabetes.   

The pharmacists at Lindsay Drug can help you manage your prescription medications. With a personalized medication schedule and review of your medication with a pharmacist, you will understand each medication to help take control of your health. Call today and schedule your appointment to learn more about your medication.                                                               

We  can manage your medicine for you and offer a Refill Reminder Service. This is one of the most convenient services. We organize your medication refills for a single pick-up or delivery. When allowed, we will even call your doctor for renewal prescriptions when your refills run out.

Lindsay Drug also has many Personal Health Programs available. We want each of our customers to learn how to reach their health goals. We provide specialized individual education programs to review your medications and focus on diet, lifestyle changes and monitoring to help you control your asthma and maintain a healthy heart.

We do not participate with online ordering.  Please call us for assistance.